Falz Is Silent.” “Falz Should Come & Talk About Rape.” – Nigerians Roast Drag Falz Into Rape Case

Nigerians are currently dragging lawyer turned musician, Folarin Falana, officially known and addressed as ‘Falz the badt guy’ on social media over the now trending rape case of two duo who reportedly raped a girl on the Island.
The duo Don Chima George and DJ Rico were alleged to have drug the victim at a club before taking their turns to rape her and also filmed the whole episode. It was reported that the victim called his brother who in turn called the police and the accused were arrested.
The story however took a different dimension when it was reported that the accused have been released and the victim’s brother have been picked up instead with police deleting the video evidence.
Nigerians have as result, been trolling Falz and have been asking him to address the rape issue for reasons best known to him – when he is neither a police officer nor the president.
Their reactions:
“Falz is silent.”
“Falz should come & talk about rape.”

That’s what happens when you only focus on what triggers you, and ignore the rest of the music.
Misplaced priorities.
— Ovie (@OvieO) February 7, 2019
In less than hour Falz has reached #2 on trending!!
Y’all should keep making him trend abeg,while you’re at it have you listened to #Talk? pls do that now.
— The Nigerian Mind. (@EtuonovbeChris) February 7, 2019
Is Falz your father? Is falz your government? call out your government and not Falz you shameless hypocrites
— BrandNikola (@brandikolatesla) February 7, 2019
Falz should contribute to the issue on ground ? Because he’s a police man or?
— Ibitoye Olakunle (@Jokunle) February 7, 2019

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